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About Us

ADVENTA Health is a leading medical glove and hospital disposables manufacturer who is focused on producing and distributing quality and innovative medical products for surgeons and healthcare personnel the world over.

With a 22-year manufacturing history, ADVENTA Health has experienced tremendous technical and innovative development in the glove manufacturing business. From a small examination glove production base in Malaysia selling to the US, ADVENTA Health now operates from 4 continents selling to customers in over 120 countries. The three state-of-the-art of medical glove factories located in Malaysia and Uruguay produce an extensive and complete range of surgical and examination gloves, providing the surgeon an array of gloves to meet practically any kind of surgical operation.

In addition to medical gloves, ADVENTA Health distributes over 100 different kinds of hospital disposables. These include products relating to the following areas:-

In order to ensure continuous success in producing innovative products to meet each customer's needs, ADVENTA Health focuses on building the following attributes:-

  • Making cost effective products with enhanced functionalities
  • FOCUS on niche sectors
  • New products that matches market need
  • Making our products safer for both users and patients

The end-user is the ultimate beneficiary of these qualities and strengths which are manifested in every product sold through ADVENTA Health.

Adventa Health deploys more than 2500 people in its pursuit of excellence in products and service.