Commitment - ADVENTA Health

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Environment

We take our commitment to preserving the environment very seriously. It is for this reason that we are amongst the first glove manufactures in the world to embrace Biomass as an alternative fuel source. After years of research, Adventa Health has developed a cutting-edge biomass energy generator which uses a renewable resource such as empty fruit branches and palm kernel to generate the energy.

Adventa Health gloves are carbon neutral. Compared to conventional gloves, each pair of Adventa Health Surgical Gloves helps to save 50L of Carbon Dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Our Commitment to Research & Development

Our objectives are focused on a programme of continuous improvement to adapt the products to meet the constantly advancing technology in surgery.

We concentrate on 3 platforms in our approach to Research & Development:-

Process Improvement
We constantly look for methods to improve the production process to produce better gloves at a lower cost.

New Materials
We experiment with new materials to see how best we can incorporate or substitute them in our products.

Product Development
We work on new ideas which can be incorporated into our range of gloves to stay abreast with the latest trends in technological development in surgeries. All Adventa Health surgical gloves are designed to provide the surgeons with excellent comfort, superior barrier protection, superb donning characteristics and enhanced sensitivity.

Some of our innovative design features are:-

  • Anatomical Design
    Each pair of Adventa Health gloves is anatomically designed. The curved fingers follow the natural finger shapes at rest to reduce fatigue and finger dexterity, even during rigorous procedures.
  • Micronised Peak Surface
    The surface of all Adventa Health surgical gloves is specially treated with micronised peak surface to enhance slip-resistance for extra grip and control during surgical procedures.
  • Unique Polymer Coating
    The unique multi-layer polymer coating on the glove presents an incredible donning experience for the user, even during double donning.
Our Commitment to Quality

Adventa Health is a name whereby many associate with Excellent Quality. All Adventa Health products are manufactired to strict quality controls and exceeding international standards:-

To consistenly ensure high degree of customer satisfaction, Adventa Health has taken further steps to offer products with outstanding barrier protection, strength and durability via the following attributes:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Standards and EN374-3 Chemical Permeation Tests
    Most of Adventa Health surgical and examination gloveshave passed and are complied to PPE standards.
  • Chemotherapy Permeation Tests
    All Adventa Health synthetic surgical and examination gloves are tested accordance with Chemotherapy Permeation Tests. These gloves are suitable in asmissioning chemotherapy drugs.
  • Sterilization by Irradiation
    Instead of Gamma sterilization involving radio isotopes, Adventa Health surgical gloves are sterilized by Electron Beam Accelerators. This avoids the use of gamma radiation which will result in production of radioactive wastes as well as weakening od tensile and tear strenghts over time.