Maxitex UG PF

Sterile Latex Powder-Free Surgical Undergloves for Double Gloving
Design to reduce Orthopaedic Surgery Risks.

Design for Prick Risk & Safety
Maxitex UG is a latex glove in forest green color. Made soft and elastic, it is comfortable to be used as an underglove. This underglove can be paired with any overglove for higher protection during intensive surgeries. By using Maxitex UG, the risk of MMA (Bone Cement) penetrating through the glove set is lower than other rubber based gloves.

Anatomical Design
Each pair of Adventa Health gloves is anatomically designed. The curved ngers follow the natural nger shapes at rest to reduce fatigue and nger dexterity, even during rigorous procedures.

Excellent Double Donning
The special ergonomically designed mould produce glove of high comfort. The multilayered coating enable excellent double donning. Best recommend to pair with Maxitex Ortho for double glove donning purpose.


Product Specification
Packaging Selection
  • Glove length:- 280mm
  • Supreme donning enable double & donning
  • Size available from 5.5 untill 9
  • AQL 1.5 nal shipment inspection
  • Shelf life 3 years
  • Beaded cued with good grip prevent cu roll down
  • Undetectable protein level (very low risk of class 1 allergy)
  • Excellent t and reduced nger fatigue.
  • Optimal grip for full range of delicate surgical procedures.
  • Sterilization by irradiation for guaranteed sterility