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  • Powdered
  • Powderfree
Nugard Nitril

Total Peace of Mind from Type 1 Allergies
NUGARD Nitril is made from 100% nitrile and is powderfree & latexfree. As natural rubber latex is absent from this glove, Type 1 allergies are minimised.

The innovative formulation makes the glove feel soft and pliant, yet it has higher puncture resistance than vinyl gloves and most natural rubber latex gloves. NUGARD Nitril provide a strong barrier of protection and resistance to chemicals like solvents, greases and oils.

The plastic behaviour of the nitrile material enables the glove to adapt itself to the shape of the hand, providing total comfort and good sensitivity.

Product Specification
Packaging Selection
  • Softer and More Flexible
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Non Latex Material
  • High Puncture Resistance
  • Good & Consistent Grip
  • Polymer Coated for better skin protection
  • Available in various colours


At Adventa, we continuously drive innovation to enhance performance and to satisfy our customers needs, with additional benefits and better quality. Our range of packaging configurations offers you a good selection of materials and packing methods to suit your market needs.

Surgical Gloves Packaging

 Sterile Long Paper Peel Pack
  • 100 Pieces of Gloves per Dispenser Box
  • 10 Dispenser Boxes per Carton

Sterile Compact Peel Film Pack (Small)
  • 1 Pair of Gloves per Peel Pouch
  • 50 Peel Pouches per Dispenser Box
  • 4 Dispenser Boxes per Carton

NUGARD Nitril complies with the following standards:

ASTM D 3578
United States of America
EN 455 European Community
ISO 11193 International Organization for Standards
AS 4011 Australia
JIS T 9115 Japan Rolex Replica